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Our philosophy is based on promoting an ethical act. We have a Code of Ethics and Conduct, in which every new employee must be certified, while all older employees must recertify annually.

These actions confirm our commitment to live it every day, which guides us in making decisions, solving problems and achieving our goals.

This means that we view our Code of Conduct and Ethics as a guide for our daily actions and behaviors adhere to the common good and ultimately bring us closer to happiness, because we are convinced that this is the end looking all people.
In order to have the appropriate tools to raise your complaint, we provide the following document.
Ethic Code
Compartamos offers our partners Denounces media through which we report the breach of the Rules of Conduct of our Code of Ethics, which protect us and in turn help us to protect our philosophy.

These media are completely confidential. When reporting any behavior that violates the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Monitoring Area Code Complaints conduct an investigation into the facts to present to the Committee of Honor which is the body composed of high moral standing employees with seniority within the bank and have not been the subject of administrative proceedings or reprimands, who will give final resolution to the cases on the facts presented

Complaint Channels:
Transparency Mailbox