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“Crédito Mujer” is group-loan services designed for women engaged in some type of economic activity, are business owners and may be in need of short-term financing for business capital or for investment purposes.
This service is for
Ages 18 to 99.
Present original and copy of their Personal Identity Document (PID).
Water, electricity or phone bill.
Being part of a group of 10 members or more.
  • Service stipulations
    • Individual loan amounts vary between Q. 2,500 and Q. 30,000 depending on the amount of the client’s savings, and the client’s current cycle.
      Loan installments are at a fixed rate and do not change during the life of the loan. .
      Each loan has a four-month cycle, and shall always be the same for all group members.
      Installments are paid on a bi-weekly basis.
      Loans are guaranteed on a joint and several basis, that is to say, backed by all group members, as each individual will assume the responsibility for all other members, hence the importance of having a well-established group to guarantee the loan’s recovery.
  • Product benefits
    • Easy-to-access loans with limited requirements.
      Loan amounts grow according to the client’s needs and the length of time each individual has been a client.
      Fixed rate over the life of the loan.
      Loans carry no added commissions or fees.
      No collateral required.
      Personalized financial counseling.
      Financial education services for ensure the optimized management of personal finances.
      Subsequent loan awarded on the same day the current group loan ends.
      Debts are forgiven if the client dies, provided she is up-to-date with her loan installments at the time of death.
      If the client is not up-to-date with installments, the group shall be liable to pay the amount the deceased accrued up to the time of her death.
      Continued financing over the production cycle of the business.